It is undoubtedly nostalgia, but also above all and very much the lasting memories of 75 years of two-door works which have sculpted Jaguar’s legendary journey through beauty. The abrupt end of the F-Type announced for 2024 without a replacement leaves a feeling of emptiness for anyone who was blessed with its presence. To mark this unfortunate conclusion, Jaguar created a ’75 edition, which was tested for the last time.

It’s difficult to remain frozen in front of this timeless silhouette that many still equate to Aston Martin as it exudes such natural grace. This drawing, originally written on paper by designer Ian Callum, is of extraordinary purity, the superior features of which are immortalized by the logo of this 75 variant.

However, it would be ill-advised to summarize this work solely from a fundamentally aesthetic angle. This F-Type also gratifies the senses with its swift and cavernous song whose full-throttle rhythm can be compared to the heavy percussion of John Bonham or Danny Carey. The 5.0L supercharged V8 is a formidable force with its 575 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque in the R75 version, a power that is very flexible and tamed by rear-leaning all-wheel drive.

The eight-speed automatic transmission does its job firmly, but could be quicker in its selections. The programming of the rolling start assistance also promotes a much smoother start than that of a Nissan GT-R, for example, which applies all the rubber as soon as the brake pedal is released, at the risk of squealing the teeth.

The confidence of this F-Type exudes nuance and control. Certainly, the necessary agility is there despite its 1800 kg thanks to a fairly short wheelbase (2.6 m). The very convincing adjustment of its suspensory elements at the same time avoids unpleasant jolts. It is perhaps when braking hard, when entering a turn, that this weight appears a little more by lightening the rear. But, as with any good grand touring coupe, brilliance is gained over long distances.

A great work which would undoubtedly have gained a little more notoriety if its improvements had been made more continuously. Let’s hope that his soul inspires Jaguar to find its way back into electrification.