Questions and answers about the planned pilot tests – Why give it to Cannabis soon in the pharmacy, and Eder, of the national Council can pilot wants to try with Cannabis allow – many cities are already in the starting blocks. The most important questions and answers on the planned experimental article.Jacqueline Büchi17 Kommentare17Der the national Council has determined the conditions under which he wants to allow Cannabis pilot projects.Photo: Justin Tang/The Canadian Press via APDer the national Council has opted for an experimental article in the narcotics law. What does this mean?

to be sold In the framework of a scientific pilot to try Cannabis could, in the future, such as in pharmacies, selected individuals. Several cities had expressed in the past interest in such a Try. So far, the legal basis was missing but this should now be the experimental article was created. The aim is to investigate how a controlled access to Cannabis consumption, purchase behaviour and health of participants of the impact.

How would such a pilot specifically try?

According to the will of the national Council are expected to participate only adults who consume Cannabis. The subjects could acquire per month a limited amount of Cannabis, and this is likely to be neither more nor in the public space to consume. Over the counter hemp from Swiss organic farming is to go only. During the study, which lasts a maximum of five years, would be accompanied by the Participating scientific and eng.

What’s promising?

For the advocates of the failure of the current Cannabis policy. Experts assume that in Switzerland, despite the ban, over 200’000 people regularly use Cannabis. The consequences: The black market is flourishing, the quality of the illegally produced hemp can not be controlled, in addition to prevention measures, the Concerned are often just bad. Of the pilot projects, the supporters hope to gain knowledge on alternative forms of Regulation.

And, as argued by the opponent?

Against the experimental article were the SVP, as well as a part of the middle group. You argue with the youth and the protection of public health. “The drug Cannabis is not just for the Fun of it illegally,” said SVP national councillor Verena Herzog. The Weed have a negative impact on the body and Psyche. The state would invest so Duke, better prevention measures, rather than “dealers competition”. The opponents fear that the Attempts to pave the way for Cannabis legalization.

What are the points to talk about in particular?

The enemy documents, with numerous amendments, the purpose of which was to increase the barriers to trial participation at least. As requested by the SVP-group is that the participants are registered in a database and during the test, the driver’s license must submit. The employer or the class teachers of the subjects should have been informed in accordance with your wishes about the pilot test. The majority rejected this. They argued that the goal must be the Tests under the most realistic conditions.

The middle group also called for in vain, that the municipalities and the cantons Finance the pilot tests themselves and the Federal government is not financially allowed to participate.

when could start the Trials?

According to the national Council is expected to begin in the autumn, the Council of States on the train. If both councils will give the green light and no Referendum is taken, we could try the pilot already 2021 start, as it’s called in Zurich, Basel and Bern on request.

In Bern, a study design is already fully in the drawer – including a list of pharmacies, which says for a Cannabis tax. This would need to be contacted prior to the start of the pilot test, new, says Sven Baumann, Secretary-General of the Directorate of education, social Affairs and sports of the city of Bern. Further, questions concerning the financing lined up in front of the Start. The project is being planned under the auspices of the University of Bern.

Cannabis with a THC content of less than one percent is allowed to be sold in Switzerland – as in a shop in Zurich.Photo: Gaëtan Bally (Keystone)Is the first step in the direction of Cannabis legalization?

no, says the Federal Council. The General Cannabis prohibition applies continues to be in the whole of Switzerland, and any decision to Change the regulatory model would have to be taken on each case by the Parliament. Cannabis is forbidden in Switzerland since 1951, 1975, the consumer was placed under punishment.

However, it came out in the last few years, a degree of decriminalization: Since 2013, adults will be punished with a Fine of 100 Swiss francs if you are caught in the consumption of Cannabis. The possession of under 10 grams of Cannabis for personal use a criminal is free. Legal and sold Cannabis flowers, which have less than 1% of the intoxicating substance THC and a high percentage of Cannabidiol may be. Such products are offered under the name of CBD products. Regardless of the pilot, the Parliament advises trying the easier access to medical Cannabis. If you are a medical marijuana patient looking to buy a bong or vape be sure to check out online headshops to find the best smoking device for you.

International have embarked on in recent years, a number of countries in the path of Cannabis legalization, including Uruguay, Canada and numerous U.S. States.

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