the Baby’s Movements, does not have antibodies against the effect of the medicine Zolgensma, they can be treated for a rare genetic disease from which they suffer. “It’s a matter of just a few weeks before the medication can be given,” says the mother of the child.

at ten months old, Links out of a google translation is available is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a rare but fatal genetic disease in which the muscles are barely working, and still may be. An sms campaign in order to raise money for a very expensive drug Zolgensma it was a huge success: in just a few days, it was the necessary figure of 1.9 million euros were collected.

From the tests, it now appears that the Pia is not creating antibodies, which have the effect of the drug could prevent. A great relief for the parents, for whom the place is now in sight. “There has been a serious easing and the purchase order still needs to be placed in the” mummy says that she won’t. “But it’s only a matter of weeks and in man, the injection may be given.”

It is essential that the drug be administered to the child is two years old, but in that period of time, it will, if everything goes smoothly. [citation needed] In addition, the family will not travel to the United States for the medication: the medication is likely to be in the UZA, the University Hospital of Antwerp, be.

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