Nemaska ​​Lithium’s number one had already left. Number two leaves. What’s the latest with Nemaska’s plan to operate a lithium mine in Whabouchi and a lithium hydroxide plant in Bécancour?

“The operation of the plant will be the responsibility of our partner Livent,” said Minister of the Economy Pierre Fitzgibbon on the sidelines of the announcement of the results of Investissement Québec International.

“The investment we made in Nemaska ​​with the partnership is worth a lot of money. The increase in costs, yes, it will cost more than originally planned. This is a project that we will announce soon for which we are very enthusiastic. We will continue to make money. It is the anchor that will allow the battery sector to develop. We are very happy with the investment and we will put in more [money]. »

Nemaska ​​is owned 50-50 by Livent and the Quebec government. In its most recent quarterly report, Livent values ​​its stake in Nemaska ​​at US$450 million.