(Quebec) The Legault government is asking for verifications concerning a security agency that has several ramifications in Quebec.

The Minister of Public Security, François Bonnardel, sent a letter Thursday to the regulatory body of the sector, the Bureau of Private Security (BSP), so that it looks into the case of the Neptune agency.

In his letter, the Minister points out that a Radio-Canada report raises “several doubts as to the integrity of the governance of Neptune Security Services”.

The report from the program Enquête indeed suggests that the big boss of the agency would have a double identity.

“It’s extremely nebulous,” commented the minister in a morning press scrum in parliament.

“I have sent a letter to BSP to do due diligence on these individuals,” he said, adding that he could not currently assume deficiencies in the agency clearance and compliance process. led by BSP.

Mr. Bonanrdel calls for the light to be shed “swiftly”, the correspondence reads.

The company in question has operations across Canada and offers many services. In Quebec, it would have offices in Montreal, Laval and in the capital.

It offers surveillance services for residential, industrial and commercial premises; transportation security services; security guards in businesses or for special events, or staff to implement parking regulations in municipalities, can we read on its website.