Québec to Establish Committee on the Future of the Audiovisual Industry

In a recent announcement, the provincial Minister of Culture, Mathieu Lacombe, revealed the formation of a committee that will focus on the future of the Quebecois audiovisual industry.

The new committee, named the Task Force on the Future of Quebec Television and Film Production, will be tasked with analyzing and revising the financing system and operation of the industry. According to Minister Lacombe, the challenge is primarily structural, as the current financing model dates back to a time before the existence of the internet.

Former president and CEO of SODEC, Monique Simard, and founder and president of Urbania, Philippe Lamarre, will co-chair the committee. They aim to create a system that supports creators, producers, and broadcasters in delivering the best local stories to their audience, particularly the audiences of the future.

The co-chairs will be supported by experts of their choosing, with the committee’s work commencing immediately. The committee will need to consider the rapid changes in technology and how different generations consume media to define the structure of a new audiovisual industry.

The experts will focus on television, cinema, financing structures including tax credits and grant programs, and copyright laws. The committee is expected to submit a report by May 2025.

Minister Lacombe highlighted the impact of digital platforms, changes in production methods, and shifts in consumer habits on cultural products. The decline in viewership for national productions and the decrease in youth production hours have prompted the urgent need to mobilize the audiovisual industry.

According to the Ministry of Culture, there have been substantial losses in national production and youth production hours over the years. The funding disparity between French and English language productions is also a concern, with French language productions receiving significantly less financial support.

The committee’s efforts are crucial in shaping the future of the Quebecois audiovisual industry and ensuring its sustainability in the evolving digital landscape.