Quantexa Unveils Q Assist, Revolutionary Generative AI Technology Suite

In a recent announcement at London Tech Week 2024, Quantexa, a leading provider of Decision Intelligence solutions, introduced Q Assist, a cutting-edge generative AI technology suite. This new technology aims to enhance decision-making processes for frontline and information workers across various industries, including financial services, TMT, and government agencies.

The Q Assist Technology Suite combines Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform with Generative AI to empower sales, customer service, and compliance teams with contextual insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities. By leveraging copilots, linked data, and Quantexa’s knowledge graph, organizations can streamline analysis, investigation, and reporting tasks, leading to significant productivity gains and operational improvements.

Several industry leaders, including HSBC, are already participating in Quantexa’s Lighthouse Program for early adopters. HSBC anticipates that implementing Q Assist could result in enhanced efficiency, reduced reliance on data science teams, and improved customer experiences. By democratizing analytics and accelerating processes, organizations can make more informed decisions and drive operational excellence.

Quantexa’s CTO, Jamie Hutton, highlighted the collaborative approach taken with clients to shape the product requirements for Q Assist. Through the Lighthouse Program, industry leaders provide valuable feedback to enhance the technology suite and drive maximum customer value.

Overall, the introduction of Q Assist represents a significant advancement in AI technology, enabling organizations to leverage generative AI for transformative gains without the need for extensive infrastructure investments. With the potential for substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements, the future looks promising for organizations adopting Quantexa’s innovative AI solutions.