Purdue Basketball 2024-2025 Offseason Preview

You may be familiar with Purdue’s tradition of recruiting tall players, but the arrival of 7’3 center, Daniel Jacobsen, has brought a new level of excitement to the team. Recently ranked in the top 100 recruits for the 2024-25 class, Jacobsen showcased his skills in the FIBA U18 Americup, where he nearly achieved a double-double with 9 points, 10 rebounds, 5 blocks, and 1 steal against Argentina.

Jacobsen, a Brewster Academy alum, is expected to bring a unique playing style to the team. Standing at 7’3 and 255 pounds, he shares similarities with former Purdue players Matt Haarms and Zach Edey. While Edey focused on dominating the paint with his size, Jacobsen’s game is more finesse-oriented, with a focus on shot-blocking and outside shooting.

Although Jacobsen has room to grow offensively, his defensive skills are already college-ready. With his ability to protect the rim and defend the perimeter, he is poised to make an impact on the team’s defense. While there may be some adjustments needed, particularly in terms of closing out on shooters, Jacobsen’s potential is undeniable.

Under the guidance of Purdue’s coaching staff, including renowned big man coach Brandon Brantley, Jacobsen is expected to develop his skills and compete for significant playing time in his freshman year. Keep an eye on his progress in the upcoming U18 games for Team USA, as he looks to make a mark in collegiate basketball.