During the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the National Assembly adopted, in first reading, the amending budget 2022. After the passage in force of several bills with blows of 49.3, this text was adopted thanks to the abstention of the LR and socialist parliamentary groups, 181 votes to 137.

The Minister Delegate for Public Accounts Gabriel Attal was delighted with the constructive debates around the text, which according to him allowed “to enrich it”, as reported by francetv. The objective of the law is to cushion the shock of galloping inflation at this difficult end of the year for many French people.

The amending budget is a text traditionally adopted at the end of the year, with the aim of adjusting the accounts of the State. Contrary to usual, it is not the first to have been voted on this year. Indeed, a first amending budget had seen the light of day in July 2022: it had been adopted in parallel with emergency measures for the purchasing power of the French.

Bercy also recalled that this amending budget was part of the dynamics of the “purchasing power package” initiated this summer. In addition to the measures aimed at relieving individuals, the amending finance bill also introduces aid for the ministries most affected by the crisis. In particular, it provides for 275 million euros to be paid to universities and research operators to help them pay their energy bills.

Discover below all the new aid put in place through the amending finance bill, according to La Dépêche.