Purchasing power, health, climate. Here are the 3 priorities of the Borne government. As the Prime Minister indicated this Friday, May 27 during a working meeting with her ministers, they are linked to 3 watchwords: “speed, efficiency and results.” “I wanted to discuss the subjects of context, method and timetable to enable us to set a common framework for our action”, declared Elisabeth Borne. Thus, “the first weeks of our action must be devoted to responding to the emergencies of the French”, she recalled, after a two-hour meeting at Matignon, with the entire executive, reports the AFP.

To cope with inflation, which has been rising steadily since the beginning of the year, the head of government said that “the first emergency” is purchasing power. “The average impact of this inflation is around 90 euros per month and per household. It is a rapid and heterogeneous shock to purchasing power,” warned Mathieu Plane, economist at the French Observatory of Economic Conjunctures. (OFCE), during a press briefing this week.

During this meeting, Jean Castex’s replacement also mentioned the shortages of health personnel in hospitals as well as the ecological transition.

Aware that he will have to consolidate his majority in the National Assembly if he intends to have his texts voted on quickly, before tackling the burning issue of pension reform, planned for the start of the school year, a few weeks before the legislative elections, the government tries to attract active and retired people. “We agreed that there should be neither forgotten nor blind spots. In addition to retirees, employees, the self-employed, public officials, I asked my ministers to pay particular attention to students”, added specified Elisabeth Borne during a press conference.

“Emergency laws for purchasing power will be the first texts of this five-year term. They will be examined by the Assembly as soon as it resumes its work”, detailed the Prime Minister. Either after the legislative elections to be held on June 12 and 19.

If nothing is fixed yet, what are the measures that could be part of the great law devoted to purchasing power? Check them out in the slideshow below.