Ever higher prices. The French have been feeling the brunt of inflation for several months and the situation will not improve in 2023, according to the grim forecasts of Michel-Edouard Leclerc. In 2022, it stands at 5.2% over one year, but the increase in food is even greater, with a 12.6% price increase in December.

Invited to BFMTV on Wednesday January 25, the chairman of the strategic committee for E.Leclerc shopping centers explained: “Inflation will continue at this rate and perhaps even more compactly between March and June, because we are currently in a price increases negotiated last year”. The big boss expects prices to rise in May, June and July, before a period which should then be “quieter”.

This price “tsunami” is not good news, as many consumers have already had to change their habits at the supermarket, some cutting back on meat, others shopping for pleasure or opting for distributor brands rather than national. The retail specialist Olivier Dauvers took a close interest in inflation for the year 2022 and was able to draw up a ranking of the most inflationary benchmarks over the past 12 months. On his site, he explains that the study – made with A3 Distrib – analyzes the 1,000 products “the most distributed in drive”. Here are the 10 products whose prices increased the most in 2022:

Daily products, since there is oil, meat or jam. If these ten references are those that have increased the most in recent months, others are not far behind. There is still good news, since some products – on the contrary – have experienced deflation, according to the study unveiled by Oliver Dauvers. Find out which ones below.