Economists, like households, have only had one word in their mouths since the start of the year: inflation. “We speak of inflation when prices increase overall, and not just the prices of a few goods and services”, explains the website of the European Central Bank.

It must be said that in France, it becomes difficult to deny the phenomenon, which seriously impacts the budget of the French.

In France, inflation was close to 6% in June, all sectors combined.

Food inflation crossed the 5% threshold in June 2022, according to the analysis firm IRI.

For some products, prices have even jumped up to 35% in just a few months.

The 8 p.m. newspaper of France 2, which compares the price of a basket of 30 products each month, noted that the products which increase the most are:

In supermarkets, prices are soaring, and the most popular consumer products are now more expensive than ever. Do you know what you will pay extra when you put them in your shopping cart? In our slideshow, discover the 20 branded items whose price has skyrocketed the most over the past six months, according to data compiled by Olivier Dauvers and a3distrib.

Is this sometimes spectacular increase in prices in supermarkets only to be put on the back of inflation? In a report published on July 20, some senators point to the abusive practices of certain supermarkets. According to them, the brands would take advantage of the context to increase their prices further and increase their margins.

David Gremillet, Senator LR and rapporteur for the mission, explains: “we could have selling prices offered to consumers on the upper shelves, while there was no increase obtained either for producers or for industrial”. The representatives of the large distribution denounce for their part the inaccuracies of the report.

In the meantime, households are waiting for “boost” measures to deal with the situation. This week, the National Assembly is considering, as such, the Purchasing Power Bill, the government’s assumed emergency. It could be voted on before the end of the summer.