Purchasing power law: the main measures for your portfolio


This Thursday, August 4, 2022, the second part of the package of measures in favor of purchasing power was definitively adopted by parliament after three weeks of intense debate.

“Together, we have enriched this purchasing power package with very concrete measures, important for our compatriots and which, for some, did not appear, or not for the same amount, in the initial version of the government”, declared Bruno Le Mayor in front of the deputies, as noted by Capital.

In the Senate, the amending finance bill was thus approved with 233 votes against 97 with the support of the Republicans as well as the parties of the presidential majority.

In addition to the package of measures to directly support the purchasing power of the French, this bill also provides for the renationalization of EDF. Currently, the State is the majority shareholder with 84% of the company’s shares. The text thus opens a financing of 9.7 billion euros to make it possible to obtain again 100% of the shares via a public tender offer.

“This operation gives EDF the necessary means to accelerate the implementation of the new nuclear program wanted by the President of the Republic, and the deployment of renewable energies in France”, declared Bruno Le Maire in a press release, as underlined our colleagues from the Huffington Post.

A number of other measures have thus been adopted by the Senate and the National Assembly and some should take effect from September, to enable the French to cope with inflation.