Summer is in full swing! This weekend, it is also the famous “chassé-croisé” between the Julyists and the Augustians on the roads of France. In barely a month, the time for the start of the school year will have already come for many schoolchildren.

Even if you left school a long time ago, the start of the new school year is always a good time to organize, to prepare for the coming year and find a more “serious” pace after a more relaxed summer. .

To avoid disappointments once September comes, you have to think now about how you are going to manage your budget this summer. Do not panic !

Whether you plan to go on vacation, or stay at home in August, it is quite possible for you to reduce your expenses to prepare for the start of the new school year as well as possible.

In our slideshow, discover 5 very simple tips to earn a few pennies next month while making the most of summer.

July, calmer, August, warmer… Every year, it’s the same dilemma for the French: when should you go on vacation? Each summer, two “clans” then clash: the Julyists and the Augustians. Generally, it is the month of August that is the most popular with the majority of holidaymakers.

But this year, the month of July has gained ground. According to Didier Arino, the general manager of the Protourisme firm, 21 million French people have chosen the first month of the long holidays to leave in 2022. “That is almost 2 million more than before the crisis”, he explains to TF1 . The reason for this success? Lower prices than in August, and a little more tranquility…