(Washington) Canadian International Trade Minister Mary Ng has spoken with the United States Ambassador to Ottawa, who this week accused Canada of “making a big deal” out of tax credits offered to US electric vehicle buyers.

David Cohen made the comments Wednesday during a speech at the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington.

The U.S. ambassador to Ottawa was describing Canada’s initial response in 2021 to President Joe Biden’s plan to offer tax credits for the purchase of electric vehicles. This tax incentive was at the time intended only for buyers of vehicles built in the United States by unionized workers.

Shanti Cosentino, spokeswoman for Canada’s international trade minister, said Ms. Ng had discussed her comments with Mr. Cohen, but did not elaborate.

She simply indicated that the Minister had reiterated Canada’s commitment to working with the United States to strengthen North American competitiveness.

Mr. Cohen’s speech was aimed at dispelling concerns in Canada that the policies of the Biden administration were rooted in a protectionist breeding ground.