(Montreal) Metro Media fears a “possible disappearance” of the local press on the island of Montreal with the entry into force of the municipal by-law which will prohibit the general distribution of the Publisac as of May 17.

The company, which owns the Metro newspaper and about 20 local newspapers, says significant cuts “in our newsroom of over 40 employees” are likely to occur.

In an interview on Monday, the president and CEO of Metro Media, Andrew Mulé, said that the company had begun a transition from the paper newspaper to the digital, but over a three-year horizon. But she didn’t have time to fully unfold her plan before the repercussions hit.

The Plante administration had announced one-time assistance of 2 million for these newspapers, which provide information on the activities and decisions of the boroughs and on life in the neighborhoods of Montreal.

Today, Mr. Mulé would like the City of Montreal to make a longer-term commitment to local information, in particular by using local platforms to communicate with citizens.