The everyday life. A year off to have indulged in Anke and Jochen Roser with their children Antonia and Valentin, most of the time you have spent at the other end of the world, in new Zealand and Australia, Vietnam and Vanuatu. It was worth it, is the conclusion of the Four, and the story of their adventures –they are always addressed. Wow, that must have cost a lot of money, then the reaction is often.

Susanne Preuß

business correspondent in Stuttgart, Germany.

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But it is not. For all who want to know more, because you admire it, maybe even a Sabbatical, Jochen Roser made a quasi-public finances and on the family blog a list of what has cost the adventure.

And? Who calculates the cost of a reasonably exotic family holiday in the course of a year, is quite wrong. Expenditure of 35.363 Euro for the whole family lists Jochen Roser meticulously, with admittedly only cover about ten months, namely, the first travel block of 75 days through France, Portugal, Spain and Morocco, as well as the second trip of 203 days, for which he invented the word “TRANS-continent alien”. A first home leave in the previous autumn and then again this summer, as well as the Cycling of the parents alone to Slovenia are not included in these editions, probably because the could not so well calculated.

flights and car

saved With not even 10,000 euros, the flights to book, which is pretty amazing, because the family has been deceived once in the day and, therefore, non-scheduled an additional flight from Australia to new Zealand needed to beat. And it’s amazing, because the flight from new Zealand to Vanuatu in the South Pacific with 2200 Euro beats to the office. But the Roser have schwäbisch-performed sparingly and the rest of the flights are particularly cheap because of low-traffic days, was flown.