such A large-displacement engine in the more than ninety year history of BMW Motorrad. In Yokohama, the company has unveiled at the weekend, the prototype of a two-cylinder-boxer, and is likely to serve as a drive for a new model family. The type designation R 18 indicates a displacement of approximately 1800 cubic centimeters close, however, the Munich went first, no information to technical data.

Walter Wille

editorial “technology and Motor”

F. A. Z.

in Such a large-displacement engines, especially for the American motorcycle market. On the BMW plays to its own self-understanding is currently a modest role and want to catch up on and declared as final. How can it be done, therefore, there had been a lot of speculation, but little Concrete. Now the cat seems to be out of the bag.

In the case of the large-volume air/oil-cooled Boxer, it is likely to be the engine, the future Cruiser, will drive the machines, primarily for customers in the United States, but also in other markets. In addition, he should appeal to the growing international custom bike scene, and their influence on the motorcycle industry, especially in the Retro and Cruiser Segment increases.


the Latter also the unusual circumstances under which the German group showed for the first time, his huge boxer explained. BMW had left the bench already tried and tested engine of the small, in the scene of the well-known motorcycle-forge Custom Works Zon from Japan, the piece of an expensive hand-crafted in single piece of used it as a core to the Customizer fair Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama exhibited – and, thus, prompt the title of “Best of Show” won.