Protests in Italy – General of the orange West of Italy is a national holiday to parade the government’s opponents. The movement of the “gilet arancioni” suspected a conspiracy behind the pandemic.Oliver Meiler from Rom0 comment area of “the enemy” serve Bill Gates, George Soros and Giuseppe Conte, Antonio Pappalardo, the leader of the “gilet arancioni” and Ex-the General of the Carabinieri.Photo: Marco Piraccini ()

On your national holiday, the 2. June, care to tolerate the Italians, even beyond the political trenches across. The “Festa della Repubblica”, the commit of the Italian Republic, becoming in 1946, there is usually no protests, no resentment statements. The 74. Was now something different. On the military parade on the Imperial fora was dispensed with, and that was due to the pandemic.

President Sergio Mattarella laid a floral wreath before the monument to the Unknown soldier, and then flew in the Lombard small town of Codogno, where on 21. February had all started: “Patient 1”, Zona rossa, the whole Drama of the Virus. “As in the case of the birth of the Republic, it also needs today is a fresh start, without divisions,” said Mattarella. It was an attempt to keep the country together for the tests that follow.

protection masks with Tricolor

But the time of the unit seems to be straight. On the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, and in seventy other cities of Italy, the rights against the government of Cinque Stelle and the social Democrats and their Management protested in the crisis. It was not easy: Because of the rules for the distance of the observance of the three parties, the Lega Nord, Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia were not able to mobilize their people, so how do you do the otherwise – with special trains and buses from all corners of the country.

A bit of the people came anyway, and the fans push to the front for a Selfie with the leader, Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani, the Governor of Silvio Berlusconi. Social Distancing? It was not possible. Salvini and Meloni wore protective masks in the three national colours, the dipped them in the mixture a couple of Times down. The right accuses the government, you’ll help many Italians to little, were in economic Distress. It control need leave for citizens and entrepreneurs, the bureaucracy belong to mined.

“it was the largest gathering of idiots in the past decades.”

“Famiglia Cristiana” on the parade of oranges,

Just a few hours later, gathered in Piazza del Popolo, a people – pointedly without masks: It keeps Virus and pandemic for inventions of dark forces that wanted to impose on the world is supposedly a new order. The “gilet arancioni”, Italian for: “orange vests” are a young, heterogeneous and confused movement from Impfgegnern, conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists, based at least in appearance to the “gilets jaunes”.

last Saturday it had made its debut in Milan in the large style, close together, without protection, against all the rules. The Catholic weekly magazine “Famiglia Cristiana”, the need never force expressions, called the rally the “largest gathering of idiots in the past decades”. As the enemy images of the oranges, Bill Gates and George Soros, President Mattarella and Prime Giuseppe Conte to serve.

small tribune for all the battles

the movement of an old acquaintance of the Italian protest scene: Antonio Pappalardo is Cited, 73 years old, from Palermo. He was formerly a General of the Carabinieri, his followers call him, therefore, only “il Generale”, he is wearing a rather orange jackets as the plastic West.

the beginning of the nineties sass Pappalardo as a representative of a small party in the Italian Parliament, he was briefly under-Secretary in the Ministry of Finance. All further Attempts to gain a foothold in the policy foot, miss long. In the recent regional elections in Umbria, for example, he brought it to 0.13 percent.

he was Known as a small tribune, the chose always new struggles and social revolts, to get on podiums. The farmers staged a protest he made to her voice, it was the truck driver, the truck driver. Pappalardo argues, among other things, for Italy’s exit from the EU, and for a return to the Lira. At the Moment, he is just very upset against protective masks, and apparently he has hit the nerve of many people. You heard him say, Covid-19, let with Yoga and autogenous Training defeat. A friend from Bergamo have survived the disease so that is the proof that Corona is not more than a flu.

The Regional and country limits to fall

In Italy starts this Wednesday, 3. In June, a new Phase. It is possible to travel without a special permit from one Region to the other. In Lombardy, there are daily dozens of new infections, the number of deaths is nowhere higher than in the North of the country. However, the development seems to be under control.

the country’s borders to be Opened, at least for European foreigners, who want to go to Italy. For the Italians, however, who leave the country want to stay around the borders to Switzerland and Austria closed.

Since the protective masks were sitting still: The opposition leader Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani (right to left) in your flash mob in Rome 2. June. Photograph: Marco Ravagli () comment please Login to comment