Environmental Protesters Arrested for Disrupting Traffic on Montreal Bridge Ahead of F1 Race

Police arrested five environmental protesters on Sunday after they caused traffic congestion on a bridge leading to the Montreal island hosting the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix.

The demonstrators, affiliated with Last Generation Canada, a group advocating for climate action, were charged with obstructing traffic on the Concorde Bridge. The protest, which lasted nearly half an hour, began before 11 a.m. and impacted several lanes of the bridge.

Laura Sullivan, a spokesperson for the group, highlighted the connection between F1 races and the oil and gas industries, attributing them to the ongoing wildfire crisis in the country. The protesters aimed to draw attention to the environmental impact of the elite motorsport, which emitted a substantial amount of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2019.

The demonstration coincided with the F1 race around the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, prompting concerns about the environmental footprint of the event. Despite F1’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and sustainable by 2025, environmental groups continue to call for greater action to address the sport’s environmental impact.