After the recent Protest against the government of the right-wing nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a part of the participants in the late Sunday evening in front of the headquarters of the state television MTV. 13 members of Parliament, the Opposition gained access to the building, and spent there the whole night. Security men prevented to reach the News Studio to have a Petition read out.

Two of the deputies, the two non-attached Bernadett Szel and Akos Hadhazy, accused the security service of the television on Monday morning forcibly out of the building. The other elf remained still there, reported the news portal ““.

gone Before, on Sunday evening, more than 10,000 people took to the streets to demonstrate against the government of Orban. It was the fourth Protest in five days. Occasion, on the last Wednesday in Parliament, adopted new overtime rules. It provides that employers can require their employees up to 400 hours of Overtime in a year. Critics speak of a “slave law”.

To the themes of the protests were also other grievances under the Orban-government, including the one-sided Pro-government coverage of the public broadcaster, the restriction of the freedom of Science and the corruption surrounding high-ranking government officials and their families.