Protection concept of culture events – Little scream, not küssenWie may Actresses, musicians, and your audience will be in front of the Coronavirus protected? Here are the main proposals of the Federal Council next week to decide.Susanne Kübler5 Kommentare5
not going well in the next time: “King Arthur” at the Theater Basel in Stephan Kimmigs staging of 2018.Photo: Sandra Then

at a distance: What is on the road, is also in theatres and concert in the most important halls of measure. But how large this distance needs to be? And how he can comply with orchestras, choirs and theater ensembles, in which the proximity is one of the Job? Three associations (the Swiss stage Association, the Swiss Association of technical stages and events, professions, as well as the Association of Swiss professional orchestra) have designed a 64-page protection concept, which will now be submitted to the Federal government – and in one point significantly from the first Version is different.

How much distance is enough?

Four square meters of space per Person: This is the reference value of the protection concept for all categories. Compared to the first Version, and has decreased in some sectors: For the singers and brass musicians, it was assumed that because of ten square meters. The institutions should take the Change as a relief to note, because with the new value on the stages of much larger ensembles are possible than initially feared – and thus also a wider Repertoire.

The basis for the reduced value measurements carried out by the occupational hygienists Thomas oak in Basel provide, among other things: you have shown that the ejection of droplets as well as aerosols, so the longer in the floating micro-particles, is in the case of wind instruments is low. Also Sing doesn’t seem to be tricky. The single Peak in the curves for “loud yelling” and “angry, loud Talk” (in the “call/shout” recorded in summary): to be an actor for the rant, it is, therefore, to take cover.

The data refer to measurements carried out by the occupational hygienists Thomas oak in Basel, with horns, singers and actors.Graph: vif, source NBBIV AGBerühren forbidden

Direct body contact in rehearsals and on the stage is not to be avoided, kisses, and touches to the face are possible. And of course, this applies not only to new productions: Also recovery the particular in the Zurich Opera house represent a significant part of the game plan – are redesign it.

formation of solid Teams

in Order to keep the Overview over contacts, theatre groups, choirs and orchestras recommended to work with as small as possible, solid team. These groups do not together samples only, you should not mix in the dressing rooms. Participation is voluntary; but who is this, you must also keep away from the stage, to strict guidelines, and Contact Tracing-App Federal benefits.


distance, frequent Disinfection, protective masks: The measures apply to the stages and concert halls around, are not surprising – but in a culture sometimes difficult to implement, and in the protection concept in detail formulated.

The orchestra were the note sheets with protective gloves on the consoles; the piano keys are clean with a disinfecting cloth; Actresses want to apply make-up after yourself; at the inlet into the sample rooms to ensure compliance with the distance. When the stage and in the workshops, where direct contacts in case of a joint Work cannot always be avoided, they should be limited to five minutes; after a ten-minute distance is due.

And the audience?So it will not be in the Theater Basel in a hurry.Photo: Covino Pino

in Order to keep the contacts as low as possible, should be funneled to the audience about various inputs into the hall and through separate outputs in addition to. How it will look, how the rooms may not be available when This issue of the Federal Council is on 27. May answer. The protection concept provides for three possible scenarios. The first is the distance of two meters is maintained, with the result that only around a quarter of the seats can be occupied in an unfavorable cracks even less. That this would have for the organizers to be financially dramatic consequences, is obvious.

A second, preferred scenario involves a question of the fact that the audience in theatres and concert halls to remain in their places to sit, all in the same direction to look, and in of the rule not to speak. Therefore, it might be sufficient if between persons, couples or families, respectively, a space remains free; the possible utilization of the capacity could be around 70 percent.

The third scenario would be the full occupation of the rooms. This would, however, in the evaluation of the concept author of the maximum possible if all people wear protective masks and all contact details are recorded.

What are the consequences?

The consequence of all of this is already formulated in the preamble of the protection concept: “artistic cuts, revenue losses and more expense does not prevent the concept.” Even if the cultural operators are allowed to start again – it will not be easy.

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