The public Prosecutor’s office in Bremen launched an investigation on suspicion of infidelity against the Bremen AfD-Chef Frank Magnitz. The trigger for the proceedings against the members of Parliament a criminal complaint from December of last year, was the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office, Frank Passade said on Friday. In terms of content, it is a matter of party funds, he said, without mentioning further Details. First of all, Radio Bremen reported on the investigations against Magnitz, currently, because of an attack against him in the headlines.

The Prosecutor’s office informed the Bundestag about the investigations against Magnitz. Within the period of 48 hours the Parliament have not established the immunity of deputies, explained to Passade. “As a result, due process is possible.” Compared to the regional magazine “buten un binnen” rejected Magnitz the allegations and the party suspected internal enemies behind the display.

Meanwhile, prosecutors and police have released a video recording of the attack on Magnitz to search for the perpetrators, who have beaten the German Bundestag.

police have an APB out with the Video to the perpetrators

The Video, which was released on Friday afternoon on the website of the Bremen police, shows two sequences that were taken on Monday evening from two cameras in the Sankt-Pauli-Passage in the theatre at Bremen Goetheplatz.

On the recordings that show the attack on Magnitz, among other things, in slow motion, to see two masked men, the Magnitz from the rear attack. One of the men afflicted Magnitz from behind and knocks him out with the Arm; then both attacker and escape. As Magnitz is already on the ground, running out a third man. A square of wood is not visible on the recording.

The AfD had stayed before the publication of the Videos in your presentation, that Magnitz had been beaten with an object such as a square timber, although the public Prosecutor had already explained before that this will be resolved by the video recordings the fact. “According to what Mr Magnitz says, one of the construction workers made the statement that he had been beaten with a two-by-four,” said the AfD-Chairman Jörg Meuthen on Friday the newspaper “the world”. “The police says: We have not seen such a shock the subject.”

the employees of a shipyard company, which was on Monday with two colleagues in Bremen at the scene of the crime, is contrary to the AfD-representation, Magnitz beaten seimit a “square timber” and “head kicked in” speaks in “mirror”. “What happened, we have not seen,” said the craftsman magazine. Only by the screams of the AfD’s he had become to the fact to the attention of, and have then done a first aid. The AfD had written after the RAID, the “courageous intervention” of a craftsman on the spot have saved Magnitz’ life.

Meuthen had called for in the “world” before to publish the video recordings of the attack. A public demonstration of the existing image material can escape “any speculation in the basis”, said Meuthen of the newspaper. His claim was not an expression of mistrust against the police, explained Meuthen. In the room there is a contrary but.