Property tax too high: our tips for paying less


The property tax will soon be remembered by French women and men. And for good reason ! Notices should soon arrive in mailboxes (virtual, often). Since August 29, owners are likely to receive a letter from the tax authorities. Most of them, informs Ouest-France, are also likely to frown: this year, we can expect a substantial increase in local taxes. On average, nationally, it increased by 3.4%. A fairly simple increase to explain: it is based on the increase in the rental value index, one of the essential elements for calculating the tax.

As a reminder, the property tax (which can relate to built or unbuilt land, although it is a question of the first here) is due by all French men and women who, on January 1 of the year of taxation, were owners of housing, offices or premises in general. It is collected by the municipalities and it is this which determines its evolution locally.

Each year, continues the regional daily on its site, the index of rental values ​​is automatically revalued. It always follows the rise in prices, since it is a rule fixed in the tax code since 2018. In times of inflation, as is the case today, it therefore necessarily climbs faster. However, this progression is based on the month of November 2021. It is therefore in 2023 that this will play a role…