Phased retirement allows the insured to contribute, but also to accumulate pension rights and quarters, while continuing to work part-time. It is possible to benefit from it two years before the legal retirement age, i.e. 60 years. The duration of part-time work must be equal to 40% of the applicable working time and a maximum of 80%. How long can you use this device?

Thanks to progressive retirement, you can, at the end of your career, reduce your professional activity, while receiving part of your retirement. During this period, you receive the salary corresponding to your part-time activity, as well as a sum of your retirement pension. Your contribution continues, then, when you decide to retire definitively, it is recalculated taking into account this part-time period. To benefit from it, you must provide proof of a pension insurance period of at least 150 quarters, all mandatory pension plans combined.

To receive your progressive retirement, you must submit your application to your Carsat. You will then be able to obtain your progressive retirement as long as you meet the conditions for part-time work. Each year, you will have to justify your part-time or reduced-time working hours. In order to determine the amount of your progressive retirement, a provisional retirement will be calculated on the basis of your rights at the time of your request. The same rules of calculation as the final retirement apply, i.e. taking into account your duration of insurance, but also your average salary during your 25 best years.