When private sector employees wish to benefit from the progressive retirement scheme, they must imperatively establish a request in their basic scheme, as well as in the Agirc-Arrco supplementary scheme. Phased retirement thus works in a similar way in both plans. In the case of Agirc-Arrco, this is therefore estimated at a fraction of the supplementary pension. Can one then receive this supplementary pension thanks to his progressive retirement?

In both the basic scheme and the supplementary scheme, the progressive retirement system is quite similar. Indeed, the conditions that must be met are almost identical since they require a minimum age of 60 years and an insurance period equivalent to 150 quarters. It is also essential to carry out one or more part-time professional activities, which represent between 40% and 80% of full-time. At the same time, you must claim your progressive retirement in the basic scheme to benefit from it in your complementary.

In the Agirc-Arrco scheme, the amount of the Agirc-Arrco pension fraction is calculated in the same way as in the basic scheme. This therefore represents the difference between the duration of full-time work in the company minus the duration of part-time work. The percentage remains between 20% and 60%. The formula applicable here therefore responds to this calculation method: “Total points x Percentage of retirement x Reduction coefficient x Point value”. When you obtain the full rate, the reduction coefficient no longer applies.