The Professional Women’s Hockey League (LPHF) released its official rule book on Monday, the same day as the historic first match between the New York and Toronto teams. Many rules are the same as those of the NHL, but a few differ.

Among other things, the distribution of points. A victory in regulation time will yield three points, unlike two in the NHL. As a result, a victory in overtime or a shootout will earn two points, while a defeat in these same situations will earn only one. Obviously, no points will be awarded in the event of a defeat in regulation time.

Also, there will be five shootouts for each team, rather than three for the men’s side. A player may also be chosen to shoot as many times as her coach wants.

Note also that teams must include 21 players, including 19 skaters and two goalkeepers.

“The entire LPHF seized the opportunity to be innovative with the way the game is played,” said the circuit’s vice-president of hockey operations, Jayna Hefford, in a press release. “After preseason training camps, we surveyed general managers, coaches, players and officials. The consensus was that this new rule would add to the excitement of the game and special teams situations. »

The rules regarding body checking, face protection and fighting are modeled on those of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF).

The league also announced Monday the members of its Player Safety Committee, which will be responsible for providing independent analysis and making recommendations on additional disciplinary measures. Chaired by Hefford, the committee will include special advisor Cassie Campbell-Pascall, current NHL and AHL official Katie Guay, longtime NHL executive Mike Murphy as well as a member of the NHL’s player department. NHL Matt McMahon.