Stress, mental load, disorganization, role reversal… The function of family caregiver is not always an easy situation to live with. So that their loved ones who are losing their autonomy can continue to live at home, family caregivers (i.e. 8 to 11 million people) are led, out of love, to make various sacrifices. When everyday life becomes too heavy to bear, some would like to get help, but do not know where to turn. Professionals, called “super helpers” or autonomy coordinator can however take over, in the organization of daily life (health, administrative, appointments, social life). This is so that dependent people can stay calmly at home.

Moreover, to better respond to the growing demand from people with loss of autonomy and their caregivers, the local autonomy coordinators throughout France are organized as a collective. Since May 2022, they have launched the network “The autonomy coordinators of France”. A profession of the future, which may be appropriate for people considering a professional retraining combining health, assistance and social work. To find out more about this new profession, we met Constance Wiblé, director of Autonomia, a service coordination platform for aging well at home.

Constance Wible. There are professions that offer services related to dependency: home help, meal delivery, fall detector… but apart from the profession of old-age counselor, also called autonomy coordinator, none of these services offers coordination. full of all the needs and desires of dependent people so that they can age at home.

Constance Wible. The aging of the population will accelerate in the years to come. In 2040, 1 in 4 people will be over 65 and 2 in 4 people in 2070, according to a Oui Care / Harris Interactive poll, conducted in July 2020.

The Covid and the crisis we are experiencing around EHPADs have confirmed the wish of most French people to age at home.

Constance Wible. Yes, people in professional retraining can train by integrating the diploma being created at the Grande École des Solidarités de Rennes from the start of the 2023 academic year or by validating what they have learned from an RSSP title (responsible for the service sector at the person) and professional experience.

Constance Wible. It is a diploma aimed at professionals who wish to develop their careers. Experience in the field of health, medico-social or dependency is a real plus.

Constance Wible. We felt the need to come together in groups to ensure the quality of all market players and future players. The collective acts as a label in order to reassure the people accompanied, but also to show that all these installations of autonomy coordinators in the four corners of France are the clear sign of the emergence of a growing need.

Constance Wible. No guarantee but several possibilities: employee within a structure, like Autonomia or independent like Senior coordination or Coordinéo. Given the growing needs, it is very likely that there are more customer requests than support possibilities.