Mr Wolf, what are your first thoughts were when they heard of the exploits at Stuttgart airport? (Note d. Red.: The police have now given the all-clear)

, and What strikes me is the contribution that the video recordings have done. So it has been recognized, apparently, that is suspicious activity and was able to identify the people. Here you can see that the technologies are used, which can at least reduce the problems.

The Suspects have photos of the passenger control. What could you have interested?

I can only speculate. But if you look at the controls, are the questions: What is controlled, how it is controlled? Probably against the Background of: How to get potentially dangerous things? It is not of course exclude the possibility that such recordings vulnerabilities.

How you can reduce such vulnerabilities?

You can improve the security of always, however, one must also ask, what is the price you pay for it, and how effective, additional measures would be. Everyone knows how long does it take to get through the security checks at the airport and how time-consuming this is. I think German airports for pretty sure.

The issue of security at airports, primarily in 2016, with the terrorist attack in Brussels on the rise. Since then, one tries to strengthen, to minimize the space for larger gatherings of people. This is useful for you?

gatherings of people to avoid a Security truism is. But, you have to say: It is also something that limits our personal freedom. We can see it also at the Christmas markets with the concrete blocks at the entrance. There is also the safety of the people feel different: one feels more secure, the other insecure.

all of these measures, the fear of Terror floats. This is the only threat to our security?

no, there are also other threats, such as crime, vandalism, or even internal threats-in the company of people who want to influence share prices. But in terms of how strong the impact of such interventions in a System, of Terror, of course, a high level of threat. This is mainly because, because a Terrorist has an above average level of Motivation to get to the goal.

airports belong to the so-called critical infrastructure. We need to be worried about?

We have nothing to fear, but we should follow developments closely. Just the installation of many structures on the Internet is risky: With increasing networking, the vulnerability is growing. Cybersecurity for airports is an important issue. Because you have to be on the pulse of the time and the systems currently on hold. But in the case of airports, I see yet another threat.