In the United States have been attacked by Hacker for several days, Newspapers across the country. There was a delay in printing, production and delivery of the Saturday editions of the Newspapers. Are affected, among other things, the “New York Times”, “Los Angeles Times”, the “Chicago Tribune” and the “Baltimore Sun”. The Virus has been discovered in the night from Friday to Saturday, and has affected the editorial systems of the individual Newspapers, which are connected to each other. First of all, the attack had been seen as a failure of the server.

As the Los Angeles Times reported online experts assume that it has to be a hacker attack from abroad. However, it is still too early to make more precise statements regarding the origin of the attack, it is called from the internal circles of newspaper on the West coast of the United States.

“We believe that the Hacker wanted to cripple their assault, especially our infrastructure and not intended to steal sensitive information,” says an anonymous source, the “Los Angeles Times”. Customer data such as credit card information, should not have been stolen, according to the current state of knowledge. Both the American homeland security and the FBI are involved in the investigation.