Product recalls at Carrefour: all the products to bring back at the moment


Do you usually do your shopping at Carrefour? Pay attention ! Various products have been recalled by the retail brand. In question: the presence of Listeria, alkaloids, labeling errors and the list goes on…

Consuming these products can jeopardize your state of health. So, with this in mind, the supermarket has decided to withdraw certain lots from sale.

What should you do if you have consumed one of the recalled products? It all depends on the reason for the procedure. If it is a labeling error on the use-by date, it is possible to identify it on the Carrefour site. In addition, this does not seem to call into question its short-term consumption.

On the other hand, if the fault is the omission of an allergenic ingredient, it is necessary to scrupulously check the indications, so as not to be mistaken. Finally, the consumption of a product infected with Listeria or alkaloids is prohibited: you must get rid of it.

Make sure you haven’t purchased the recalled products. To do this, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists all the items sold by Carrefour which are currently concerned, with useful references to identify them.

In all cases, Carrefour advises not to consume the foodstuffs, to destroy them or to bring them back to the store. Thanks to this last action, you will be eligible for a refund, by returning either the product to the hypermarket, or its receipt.