Have you bought milk recently? Check that it is not affected by the latest product recall before consuming it. On Wednesday July 6, 2022, the specialized site Rappel Conso published a recall concerning several Candia brand Grandlait milk packs, marketed from June 24 to July 6, 2022 in E.Leclerc stores in southwestern France. In short, these are the brands served by the Scalandes plant. The cause ? Organoleptic changes, which can cause a defect in taste and smell of milk, making it unfit for consumption.

The batches concerned are bottles of semi-skimmed Grandlait of 50 centilitres sold in packs of six. Here are the references to know to know if you have one of the affected bottles in your refrigerator:

The health mark of the products concerned is as follows: FR 64.348.100 CE.

Have you found the bottles of milk affected by the recall in your kitchen? Above all, do not eat them, and do not use them in your culinary preparations either. Instead, return them to the point of sale before Tuesday, July 19, 2022 to obtain a refund. For any further questions, you can contact the following number: 0800226342.