Under strict security arrangements began on Tuesday in the district court of Essen, the trial of several members of a Syrian family. You should have tried, also from Syria tribe to scalp 19-year-old man, and to kill, allegedly, to the honor of their family. Nine of the defendants will have to answer for attempted murder, the other four the public Prosecutor’s office aid throws. The victim had a love affair with the extended family belonging to a young woman who was married according to Islamic rite with another man.

Pure Burger

Political correspondent in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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According to the indictment, Sina M., at the age of 16 years, had married the then 25-year-old Dlovan B., a Cousin of her mother, still in Syria. According to the marriage contract, and that had to pay 2500 dollars and 20 grams of Gold to the family of his wife. In 2015, the two young people took refuge with some Relatives before the civil war in their homeland to Germany. In eat to have the couple soon drifted apart. As Sina M. with the peers, Mohammad A., whom she had met at the vocational school, a relationship was received, have had to object to your family.

According to the findings of the investigators changed the suddenly, as in the spring of 2018 images of our lovers came up with Facebook. Now Sinas mother Muzgin M. and her older sister should have Gulistan advertised A. in your spacious family Association, “the honor of the family”. Unlike in the case of so-called honour killing processes managed by the investigators in Essen’s case, the role of the older female Clan members. In the indictment, the sisters are described as the driving forces of the family feud. Witnesses describe it as “thick, round women” that heats up the conflict and the death of the alleged adulterer Mohammad A. had demanded. Also, a so-called justices of the peace should be turned on.

signal against the “parallel justice”

According to the findings of the Prosecutor’s office, the majority of the defendants lurked in the night from 30. as of December 31.May, Mohammad A. in front of his apartment in Essen, and beat him. A. tried to escape. But in the backyard of an empty beverage market, beat slats, the members of the large family with wood and batons on the young man. One of the perpetrators stabbed several times with a knife, “to slaughter”, as it says in the indictment. Not only Zina’s father, but also two other members of the family Association filmed the terrible Events. On the Videos, which are particularly important pieces of evidence in the proceedings, be heard, and the other, a man calls A. an ear cut off. In addition, the attackers forced their victim multiple times, “say Mohammad Ehrenlos”. A. suffered serious injuries to the abdomen, liver, intestine and – through the part skalpierung – on the head. It was only when a witness alerted the police, let the attackers of A.. The man could only be due to a emergency surgery of the Essen University hospital to be saved.