In the murder trial against the former nurse Niels Högel before the district court of Oldenburg reported on Friday for more police officers about their investigative work. Striking was that former colleagues Högels from the Klinikum Oldenburg had always appeared to be a hospital-paid lawyer to the hearings, said the investigators agreed. Often the impression is created that the respondents ‘ witnesses held back with their memories. The witnesses from the previous hospital Delmenhorst could have described a lot of free impressions (Az: 5K 1/18).

According to the indictment, the former is said to have poisoned a nurse in the years 2000 to 2005 in the clinics of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst 100 patients with medication, cardiac arrest or ventricular fibrillation. Then he tried to revive her, as the saving Hero.

An investigator-reported of rumors and nicknames, such as “rescue Rambo”, according to testimony in the hospital Delmenhorst course. A former colleague saw it as striking that Högel was present in almost all emergencies. But I can’t name a concrete case of suspicion.

High consumption of the drug Gilurytmal

another Nurse have testified that Högel had often come 20 minutes earlier for work in order to gain in patient rooms in a review, reported to another police officer. The witness had confided in a colleague. This told her to shut up, as long as you have no evidence. Then, when the first nurses from the police had been heard, had exercised a superior additional pressure. So you have to weigh more.

The retired detective Manfred B. told the story of how he came up with the case, Högel in contact. The hospital Delmenhorst have Högel on 1. July 2005, due to a death is displayed. During his investigation, he had cases on the sudden increase in death and the enormous consumption of the drug Gilurytmal encountered. “And 75 percent of the deaths Högel service had,” said the CID official. He had passed after completion of its investigation, the case file to the Prosecutor’s office with the note, that he does not think that Högel for further actions.