The confectionery manufacturer Haribo has to bear according to insiders, with production problems in the case of gold, fruit gum vampires and other Products to fight. The introduction of a new software system have resulted in greater difficulties than expected, told the German press Agency on Friday from the corporate circles. Virtually all of the products are affected. However, improve the Situation in the meantime. Previously, the “Lebensmittel Zeitung had reported” about the difficulties.

The Background: Haribo had started in October, to be deprecated were to switch to a new program. The step had been “no alternative,” said a company spokesman. However, the teething problems of the new system were greater than expected. The “food newspaper” reported that, already in charge of supermarkets have complained of lack of supplies. Haribo, the worst is over now. “Today, we can see that our ability to deliver day-to-day and week by week improved further,” said a company spokesman.

The production problems come at a time, to fight in the Haribo in Germany anyway. For consumers this year, rare to Haribo products, to learn how demunter was. The “food newspaper” reported, citing market researchers, sales of the gold bears is temporarily decreased by 25 percent.