Problems with deliveries: Deutsche fret increasingly about the postal services


    Late packets, misdirected letters, or long waiting times at the Desk – more and more people are making their Anger over Deutsche Post and its competitors air. The number of complaints to the Federal network Agency had doubled this year on 11.830 almost, told the Bonn-based regulator on Friday. In 2017, there were still 6100, 2016, only around 3900.

    The critique mainly targets the market leader Deutsche Post DHL, but also to competitors such as the parcel service provider Hermes or DPD. The Federal network Agency emphasised, as measured by the total volume, there were still relatively few complaints. While there is not a nationwide Problem, but is regional and temporary deficits. Previously, the “Rheinische Post had reported.”

    never have complained so many consumers with the Federal network Agency as this year. “This shows that the Federal network Agency is perceived as a point of contact for consumer questions,” said authorities chief Jochen Homann. And it is also a reason for the increase: Now more people know of the possibility to appeal. Previously has not reported some already on the wrong course Post was vexed, but.

    letters, packets, and queues

    half of The complaints refers to letters, one-third on packages. The Rest is about long queues in post offices or unsuitable opening Hours. In the parcel business, Deutsche Post DHL, about 44 percent of the total market in Germany has to be omitted, and the remaining shares in rivals such as Hermes, DPD and GLS. The market share corresponds approximately to the share of the complaints.

    a consumer can submit to the Federal network Agency also requests for Conciliation – for example, when a product arrived in package broken. The authority acts as the Arbitrator between the consumer and the postal service. The number of such applications increased only slightly, to 74 at 1075. Too rosy, the prospects of success of such applications, are not, because many companies refuse the arbitration.

    The mail users Association DVPT (German Association for Post, information technology and telecommunications) is not surprised by the significant increase in. “The quality has deteriorated and the reliability of shipments decreased,” said Board member Klaus Gettwart. In an international comparison, the Post included, and parcel services in Germany, one of the best, the tendency to show but down.