a further setback for Kira Walkenhorst in forcing Germany’s beach volleyball Star Laura Ludwig in the short term to rethink. By the forced break of your success-a partner at the world Cup and Olympics have to deal the 32-year-old native of Hamburg, and her staff, with a replacement solution.

The 32-year-old Laura Ludwig holds after a one-year “baby break” to your Plan, to ride to the start of the new year competitions. “I’m in good shape, but need match practice,” said Germany’s most successful beach volleyball player of the year this Wednesday.

Currently, but it is completely unclear when the 28-year-old Kira Walkenhorst re-train. By February, the block specialist, under the Hashtag “frustration” and “Anger has canceled” every sporty appearance. “Despite all the treatments did not improve the condition, what is for all the Doctors and Physios is a real puzzle”, submitted Walkenhorst on Facebook to your Fans. Rib, hip and shoulder despite surgery more major problems.

The training of Laura Ludwig after the birth of their son Teo Johnston, by contrast, is progressing well. Even coach Jürgen Wagner expressed surprise at the already achieved Fitness of the blonde power woman.

Kira Walkenhorst has been struggling for years with health problems: cruciate ligament rupture, glandular fever, Meniscus injury, shoulder and Hüftblessuren – again and again, the Essen-born volley was stopped player. Now further investigation. Also, you must adjust to a new family situation: in October of this year, your wife Maria had brought the triplets Emma, Pepe and Mo to the world.

with an eye on the home world Championships from 28. June to 7. July in Hamburg want to defensive specialist Laura Ludwig at the Five-star tournament from the 5. February strike of 2019 to Fort Lauderdale again on the Beach world tour. However, the tournament results do not go with an interim a partner in the ongoing qualification for the 2020 Olympic games.

Since 2013 Ludwig/Walkenhorst to form athletic an extremely successful Team, they have won since then, in addition to Olympic and world championship Gold twice, the EM and three times the German championship. Only two German women’s teams can start of the Olympic tournament in Tokyo, at least four German Duos have a realistic chance: in addition to Ludwig/Walkenhorst also Chantal Laboureur and Julia Sude (Stuttgart/Friedrichshafen, Germany), Victoria Bieneck and Isabel Schneider (Hamburg), as well as Karla Borger and Margareta Kozuch (Stuttgart/Milan) are looking for a long-term goal of Tokyo.