It’s Friday lunch, Mrs A. was in weekend mood. Your husband and you expected in the evening, guests; she was planning to cook something. A. spent the lunch break in the supermarket and then promptly stumbled onto the most beautiful tuna fillets! They bought a goodly amount, which is welded to the seller in a bulky Alupaket.

Nadine Bös

editor in the business, responsible for the “profession and Chance”.

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Back in the office, she had to find that the fridge in the kitchenette was not suitable for the storage of fish: full to the brim with milk cartons and all sorts of Indefinable. Since the fridge came to you in the conference room, where There is, behind wood panelling, a spacious and largely unused cooling device. A. had often puzzled what it may serve, perhaps, a relic of the past, as is still more frequently used during meetings to the chilled wine? Boldly they put the fish in the middle compartment.


At 17.30 went to the Computer. But, alas! As you want to get your main ingredient for dinner, she had to find that the conference room was a busy Friday, just before closing time! External guests in a shirt and jacket were sitting there with colleagues b and C. in the conversation. A. stammered an apology, and empty-handed closed the door. You sent a message to her husband: “fish in the conference room captured – ‘m running late.”

It was 18 hrs then 18.30. A. crept past in ever-shorter intervals on the door of the group. “Visit now,” wrote her husband at 19 o’clock. A. was nervous. In the hallway she met a colleague, you could ask, what was there for a Meeting. She heard from far, and late arrived guests. You also heard that the gentlemen were, in spite of the formal appearance of a “loose plan”.