Pro and contra – Are the streaming services is hypocritical? In the U.S., Spotify, and other media companies are participating in the fight against racism. Behind this calculus just?Rafael Zeier, Mathias Möller3 Kommentare3Spotify brings the Protest in the parlor. Photo: Rafael Zeier


Mathias Möller, Editor-in-Community and culture,

So unbearable, the operations are around the violent death of George Floyd, so perplexed by some of the reactions to it leave me. The “Blackout Tuesday” unfolded mainly on Instagram its effect, as a user, shared the black squares instead of the usual pictures of Fitness, fashion or food. The idea, to waive, on Tuesday in the normal course of things and bring him to reflection, or to get to Know African-American artists to use, and comes originally from the music industry.

Accordingly, Spotify showed solidarity with the “Black Lives Matter”movement and presented especially the music of People of Color. Also, “Black Lives Matter” named Playlist was created specifically for this occasion. So commendable in this light, a stale aftertaste remains. Because the action is only a little more than a Fig leaf to an industry that has benefited the ducks in the last decades of their Afro-American Expo.

A Playlist is not an Effort that helps to create injustice, police violence and racism from the world. After all: Spotify said to play between 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence. So long knelt the police officer Derek Chauvin on George Floyd’s neck.

Why Spotify has not denied the service completely?

I would have liked to see more. Why didn’t Spotify denied for a day, the service completely? Or only this Playlist to play released? Martin Luther King once said: The riot is the language of those who have no voice. Maybe Spotify could have been the pent-up anger, better expressing? After all, Killer Mike, one of the trenchant and most radical voices of the African-American Community, comes in the Playlist to the word.

With Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” and Childish Gambinos “This is America” are two strong, explicit pieces from the last few years. But the anger remains suppressed. N. W. A.’s classic “Fuck Tha Police” is so far down the list that it will not have heard most of, and Public Enemys “Fight The Power”. Body Count “Cop Killer”, one of the most brutal and most controversial Rap anthems about police and violence, missing on Spotify.

The task of pop culture it is entertain to. But almost equally important is the pop culture as a time to comment, as a Finger in the wound of societal ills. Pop music needs to get in the way also shock. The has not dared to Spotify with this action: social commitment, it shows like as long as it hurts no one. It remains (from the point of view of a white man, oh, the irony!) this action of the Goût of the Anbiederns to a movement. So, as a result of in to Instagram on Wednesday to the agenda, is the “Black Lives Matter”-Playlist now and again in the mass of the present offer on Spotify sunk.


Rafael Zeier, Editor-in-Digital,

His friends, you can choose. His comrades-in-arms for a good thing. But you want to?

The civil unrest in the US itself with major global corporations, which otherwise like to on land borders and for local developments no sense not to show cold. Sony has moved, for example, the announcement of the new Playstation, and Google wants to show the new Android operating system is now later. Currently, other voices were more important.

While many companies embark on dive station, car other out of cover. Sporting goods manufacturers showed solidarity, Netflix and other video streaming services expressed their solidarity, and the music streaming services Spotify and Apple’s Music showed prominent play lists with other black musicians.

This isn’t that great! Otherwise, we will not accuse the companies on a regular basis, that you care enough to be selfish, and now to be at once too much, too little or out of place?

to nag Instead, we should be happy about this unexpected help for an important matter to protect. For the company, this commitment is not a risk-free and lazy the opportunity to sell a few T-Shirts, or Streaming subscriptions and more.

to annoy The US President and his followers, can quickly become a boomerang. Especially in the charged political climate, you can come for a seemingly harmless action quickly in devil’s kitchen.

spontaneously and from the gut, this solidarity came not statements, therefore, safe. The legal Department, the accountants, the lobbyists, and an army of marketing professionals will have looked at it all previously. Maybe the one or the other opinion was created. Finally, it is here to billion-dollar organizations with Thousands of employees. As rarely happens somewhat randomly.

This will give to the arguments of the “Black Lives Matter”movement a further boost.

even so, The company now, however, bare a calculus that is still unfair. And especially not helpful. That powerful companies turn on in the discussion, will give to the arguments of the “Black Lives Matter”movement is more buoyant and people to confront, which have foreclosed in your filter bubble of the world. Spotify and other streaming services are not considered in vain as the Radio of the future. That the not want to be Dudelfunk, is gratifying. And it was only with a celebrity Playlist.

equal rights should apply to the whole of society. You must also see that the demand must not only be presented by a self-appointed Elite, but from the society as a whole must come. And since the big corporations are now part of it. Whether you like it or not.

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