The polls are linked, after the legislative elections. In recent months, the French and the French have been invited to decide on the subject of the presidential election: they then had to choose the personality to place at the head of the State. A few weeks later, they had to go to the polls again to elect their representatives at the Palais Bourbon. Since then, as Planet has already been able to explain, it is the deputies who have had to vote. First for the election for the presidency of the National Assembly, won by Yaël Braun-Pivet, former LREM Minister for Overseas. Then, it was necessary to appoint the Vice Presidents as well as the Quaestors, six and three in number, respectively. Two elected RNs have thus reached the perch, notes Le Monde on its site.

More recently, the position of Chairman of the Finance Commission has been filled. A decisive title, recently underlined the political scientist Christophe Bouillaud in our columns. It was finally Eric Coquerel, La France Insoumise deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis who won the title, informs France Bleu on its site. He received a majority of 21 votes. Such positions, whether chairing a committee or perching, come with strong responsibilities… as well as a number of benefits, says Europe 1. What do these key figures in our democratic life really entitled?

At the end of his election, a parliamentarian sitting on the benches of the National Assembly receives 7,230 euros gross in compensation. The three quaestors elected this Wednesday, June 29, 2022, specify our colleagues, earn much more. This is explained by their additional missions: they are in charge of the control of financial and administrative services… Which therefore means that no new expenditure can be decided without their agreement, details Ouest-France. Eric Ciotti, from the ranks of the Republicans, Eric Woerth and Marie Guévenoux (Renaissance, ex-La République en Marche) indeed add 5,000 euros gross to this amount.

In addition, they also benefit from official housing of 400 square meters located near the National Assembly. Without forgetting, of course, the driver, the secretary and the additional collaborator who are also made available…

All, however, are not so well off. The more numerous vice-presidents are entitled to less substantial advantages.

In all and for all, six deputies were elected to the vice-presidency of the National Assembly. They are responsible for replacing the President of the National Assembly when she is unable to supervise a session. They also recover the head of a delegation whose mission is to prepare certain decisions.

For this five-year term, the deputies elected Valérie Rabault (PS, NUPES), Caroline Fiat (LFI, NUPES), Elodie Jacquier-Laforge (MoDem), Naïma Moutchou (Horizons), Sébastien Chenu and Hélène Laporte (RN). All will benefit from an income supplement of 1,050 gross monthly in addition to their MP salary.

It is perhaps Yaël Braun-Pivet, the new president of the National Assembly, who enjoys the best advantages. The former minister receives, in fact, a much higher allowance than that of the other deputies: her gross monthly salary amounts to 14,500 euros, which corresponds to double what the other elected officials earn.

More strikingly, perhaps, she may also reside in the Hôtel Particulier de Lassay, which includes a garden, wine cellars, reception rooms and a view of the Seine. It is also populated by chefs and a driver available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, according to Europe 1.