Facebook should have disclosed sensitive user data to selected advertising customers, including Netflix, Tinder and Airbnb. The Washington Post reported, on the basis of more than 200-page investigation report from the UK. A Committee of inquiry in the British Parliament had initiated in connection with the Cambridge-Analytica-disclosure investigations in the case of Facebook and not yet publicly accessible court records from California.

Facebook had always denied that it granted to selected advertising customers special access to data. Now Facebook denies the allegation. “We have never sold users’ data,” said a group spokesman.

2015 had restricted the social network the access of advertisers to the user’s data, and in particular the respective friends lists. According to the report, Facebook had agreed, but with some companies, so-called whitelisting agreements: The company should also have post-2015 when an interface has been closed to the data of friends of a user, the access to friends lists to keep. Like Cambridge Analytica, the companies were able to tap into this apparently the information of the friends.

In the investigation report, the Name of Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg to appear again and again. Among other things, the report cites E-Mails, according to Zuckerberg 2012 internal proposed to sell user data to be de facto. The company should officially acquire advertising space, and received in return access to the user data. Per user Zuckerberg suggested an annual Rate of $ 0.10 in the year, however, wrote the same, that they may be set too low. If indeed data were to be sold, it is not clear from the report.

Secret court documents from California

The parliamentary report is based mainly on documents from a process of US-American App developer Six4Three against Facebook. In the United States, the documents under lock and key. The British parliamentarians were able to circumvent the arrangement but, as Six4Three-developer Ted Kramer flew with the documents to London and they were seized.

The business model of Six4Three based on the processing of friends lists and data. When Facebook cut off access 2015, filed the company complaint. Therein criticized Six4Three that other companies were at times exceptions to this rule, for example, Airbnb or Netflix.

Last week, were parts of the process known documents already in the public, among other things, the Wall Street Journal reported. Then Facebook said, Six4Three present the documents in a misleading way, they reflect the whole of reality. Facebook does not sell user data.

Facebook is fighting allegations ab

A Facebook spokesman of the TIME said ONLINE on Wednesday, the documents from the suit of Six4Three showed “only part of the story” and would be presented “in a way, the miss is understandable and no additional context”. The company standing to the 2015 initiated decision to stop the access to friends data by developers.

The British Committee’s Chairman, Damian Collins, said they have not received satisfactory answers from Facebook and publish the papers so now. Collins tried for months in vain to get Zuckerberg for a hearing to London.

2012, Facebook went on the stock exchange and thus under increased pressure to achieve with its social platform profits. In the spring of 2018, it was announced that the data of some 87 million Users of the network were landed with the British company Cambridge Analytica and illegally for election campaign of present US President Donald Trump.