Prince Andrew has refused to cooperate with investigators in the case of Epstein

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, second son of the Queen of great Britain refused to cooperate with investigators in the United States in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, American financier and philanthropist. This was stated by the American Prosecutor. Epstein was arrested in July 2019 on Federal charges of trafficking in minors in Florida and new York. On August 10 of 2019, he was discovered dead in his cell. It was officially declared that he committed suicide.

Prince Andrew had been some time acquainted with Epstein. Investigators sought the opportunity to interrogate the son of the Queen, but so far unsuccessfully.

Prince Andrew See takepron Andrew gave an interview, which “inflicted injury”

In November last year, Prince Andrew said about giving up her duties as a member of the court, since, as noted by Bi-bi-si, the scandal surrounding Epstein was “a big shock” for the Royal family. Then he said that would help investigators. Prince Andrew also noted that he visited the house of the Epstein didn’t notice anything suspicious.

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