“I believe we have the Vlaams belang is now very easy to get on with the next set of elections again and again with unrealistic to propose that the fundamental test of the rule of law, not to endure, but at the same time a lot of seats to themselves.” That being said, the Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon on Tuesday at the openingscollege of a political scientist Carl Devos at Ghent university.

Ham did not have a speech prepared, but responded on Tuesday to questions by the students of political science. A lot of them are focused on the long coalition formation process, and the conversations between the informateur Bart De Wever and Vlaams belang. Ham had taken to mean that the Flemish Interest is in the bath, it should have done. “When we get to them in one form or another formula that would make him take responsibility, it would be a big part of their kiespubliek to know that the spells totally unrealistic. We should really not sit flat on the floor for all of their needs, but we wanted to do them in the bath in the form of control over it.”

a number of students suggested that the prime minister will also have questions about the kimaatambities of the new Flemish government. Ham argued for a balance between economic development and climate change. “It would be too much to say that we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 100% by 2050. I’m sure that there was no responsibility to bear to have in the region.” But in Flanders, it takes it’s better to be realistic to find a Ham. “We can make a global difference through technology, and that, in turn, in countries in which they will be able to use it. Therefore, there is a great deal of money on research and development.”

The klimaatspijbelaars once again, a call in order to make their protests, but the move to Wednesday afternoons and the week-end. “As for the solutions in terms of technology, in which case you must be at the school when going to sit down, so you can use them in the direction of either,” said Ham.

Schedule ” VRT

Also on the schedule for the public broadcaster, was given the N-VA to ask any questions. “There have been studies that have shown that certain social trends, and more have been covered with the VRT than they actually deserve. “The agreement will need to be taken to ensure that all of the opinions, more or less, proportionately, will be discussed. But we really don’t moeien the panels for the seventh or event .”

SEE ALSO. The unions, the VRT will serve strike notice after the announcement of cost-cutting measures.

The belgian has an important role to play in the promotion of the Flemish canon, which, according to Ham and is often used as a sort of caricature that is portrayed. The format of these will be done in a scientific and pluralistic, compound, commission, ” he assured. And, in addition, the white will be black pages in our history are addressed in this paper. “In the education system, it will be suggested, but not required,” said Ham.
More about the N-VA, Ham answered questions from the students: “We, the Flemish Interest within easy reach of to the next elections,” labor party furious at loonopslag of 42 per cent for the Antwerp city council: “This is a self-service,” “our hope is to remember that our politicians, the Spanish machismo is about self-determination only to the issues that can lead to” the Sunday protest rally against the former washroom in Antwerp, from now on, each month in a protest?