Tesla has delivered in the fourth quarter, less electric cars to customers than expected, the shareholders reacted with disappointment. Elon Musks group delivered according to message of Wednesday, a total of approximately costs 90,700 vehicles, of which 63.150 piece accounted for on the hope Model 3.

Even if Tesla was to have been year-on-year to more than three times increased, and new highs reached on Wall Street with stronger Numbers expected. The TV station CNBC, according to the analysts received an average of 64.900 out Model 3 delivered. The share price fell in the meantime to more than 9 percent.

Bumpy Start to the mass market

The Model 3 is the first cheaper electric car from Tesla, Musk to make the leap to the mass market. The start of production was initially to be bumpy. In the past few months, produced Tesla but far more: In the last quarter of 86.555 cars ran in total from the Band, which was eight percent more than in the previous quarter.

in addition to the newer Model 3, Tesla manufactures the luxury sedan Model S and SUV Model X. In the full year of 2018 were approximately delivered 245.000 cars, more than twice as many as in 2017. After a reduction of the state subsidy for E-cars, Tesla also announced to cut prices for customers in the United States around 2000 dollars per vehicle. This should also have contributed to the disappointment of the investors.