No choice. With soaring energy prices, some activities will be forced to increase the value of goods sold, such as bakers. The latter are likely to once again bear the brunt of inflation, says Capital. If this is not surprising, it is however a symbolic product of the daily life of the French which could be impacted again: the baguette.

Between the permanently lit ovens, the cold rooms and the kneading machine, the production costs are staggering. The baguette would then reach in the coming weeks the sum of 1.30 euro. The reason for this increase? According to Anthony Heliot, an artisan baker interviewed by France 3, “In concrete terms, we pay between 1,800 and 2,000 euros monthly and we are expected to have between 6,000 and 20,000 in the coming months”, speaking of his future contract with his electricity supplier.

If soaring electricity prices will be the factor in the baguette’s rise to 1.30 euros, the cost of flour is also an explanation. “A year ago, explains the baker, we were at 90 cents a baguette. Following the increase in the price of flour, we were forced to increase it to 95 cents and we increased again in May, always for the same reason. Thus passing its baguette to 1.10 euro on October 1st.

How to avoid harming the consumer and the producers? According to him, the public authorities should put in place a price shield and all bakeries and large retail giants should align their prices, at the risk of seeing bakeries close…