AS Roma went for a private audience, beyond the port. The Romans see this as a 1-by-1 mode, in injury time with a goal from Kalinic rejected.

the stadium is the fourth already in the winning goal of the Croatian midfielder, but it was outside and the ref counted. To see a duwfout of Kalinic at the defender and Pisacane. Which clashed with his own keeper and it was a moment later with a stretcher is to be disposed of.

Duwfout for the ref, a battle won by the strongest, according to the roman times. “We are very angry because we have now been week after week of wrong reference to make decisions about us,” said sporting director Gianluca Petrachi afterwards to Sky Sport Italia. “At Bologna, and earned us a penalty. Today, we saw a referee from the first minute against us, did. A peaceful race, have become somewhat heated, and due to the injury.”

in Particular, the disallowed goal in injury time was the topic of discussion. “Ridiculous,” said Petrachi. “These contacts, you have to always be in this kind of a stage. To do this, may be there is no way he can reject it. There was contact, yes, but be sure not to push it. Football is a contact sport, not ballet is for little girls. This is a sport for men only.”

The stage itself? Petrachi: “Kalinic anticipate, and is, for the most promising young players. He was first to the ball, simply because he was stronger. With this kind of decisions have to laugh they are in the Uk, it’s just embarrassing to say the least. This was not a duwfout.”

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the Right was hell to pay. Coach Paulo Fonseca was able to make the decision not to consume it, and went to the story and the ref, causing him to suddenly be a red-card for a few years.

the visitor stood up Radja Nainggolan for the first game against his former club. Our fellow countryman, it was a quarter of an hour for the affluiten to the direction taken.

now, Radja Nainggolan was at the kick-off against his former club. (Photo: Photo News and More about AS Roma and take Action AS Roma, knows the success of the missing little boy in Kenya is found, thanks to a campaign by the transfer Mkhytarian AS Roma will lend Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the first half Atletico Madrid, has Nikola Kalinic from AS Roma in the Roman derby ends in a draw: Lazio and AS Roma will meet together in six (6!) once the doelhout