Elizabeth Warren wants to pull for the Democrats in the presidential election campaign in America in 2020. The left-wing Senator from Massachusetts, is the first prominent Democrat who has made known their will to the public. The fight for economic justice and against corruption will put you in the center of their campaign, announced the 69-year-old politician on Monday in her new year’s message on Twitter.

she wanted to establish a Committee, to organize your party’s internal election campaign for the nomination for presidential candidate for the Democrats, and Finance. The announcement of the candidacy of Warren was expected. It is one of the sharpest Critics of Donald Trump.

the So-called Warren, who supported the election of 2016, Hillary Clinton, Trump as “unsafe Bucktooth”, driven by greed and hatred. Trump, in turn, withdrew their statement about their native American roots into the Ridiculous, and called it mockingly “Pocahontas”.

It is likely that the candidate field will be for the Democrats to be very large. The was 2016 for the Republicans to be the case – what the rise of political outsider Donald Trump with beneficiaries. The primaries start at the beginning of 2020 in Iowa. The Federal government in the Mid-West is already fighting months in advance to the venue of the election.