it’s the dawn of A new time in Brazil. This hope of millions of Brazilians with the new President of Jair Bolsonaro, who will line up for the start of the year, his office. The country pants. The economic Stagnation and recession and the political turmoil and battles of the last few years have made the giant of South America-prone and irritable. Many Brazilians are waiting eagerly for a bit of recovery and normality. The choice of the ultra-right Bolsonaro was the best expression for the condition of the country and its inhabitants. It was a choice of impatience and anger. And it was an election that many hope – and almost as many fear – that it would change everything.

Tjerk Brühwiller

Rapporteur for Latin America with headquarters in São Paulo.

F. A. Z.

There are countless motives were to choose Jair Bolsonaro. The captain of the Reserve, the glorified military dictatorship, had nothing to show for his three decades as a member of Parliament, in which he was actually only by radical and tasteless Comments and views for attention. But at the same time almost every Brazilians found a decisive reason to choose to Bolsonaro. The a did it, because they hope to be able to breaking up what and the liberation of the economy, less bureaucracy and an end to the nepotism. Others did it because they believe that the hard Hand you Bolsonaros from the scourge of the country, the violence, the liberated and the fight against corruption. Many did it also from the fear that the labour party could return despite the dismissal of the former President, Dilma Rousseff, and the condemnation of their leader Lula da Silva due to corruption to Power – for many, an almost apocalyptic vision.

The swine are still promised in the barn

Bolsonaro has to turn everything to the Good, and the “mess” to clean out, the Brasília in his own eyes since the end of the dictatorship. But this is as good as impossible – a mess not to clean up, as long as, in order to remain in Bolsonaros image, the pigs are still in the barn. Bolsonaro will encounter in Brasília, a new and more conservative Congress. Structural changes but not much. The majority of the politicians in Brasília sees her office as a vehicle to make themselves and their Clans personal benefits. Bolsonaro wants to rule, he must come up with their arrange.

Not for nothing, Bolsonaro has a politician to the head of Cabinet chosen is well-versed in the “pigsty”. And also Bolsonaro and its also in the policy making sons know the operation very well and are not self-exalted above all doubt. With voltage you should expect, how Bolsonaro with the outgoing President Michel Temer will bypass the enjoys from January no immunity and, thus, to the sight of criminal investigators is expected to fall. Is Bolsonaro offer its predecessor, the ambassadorial post in Rome, to protect, as it is called? And, if so, on what terms?

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Also, voters who had hoped for Bolsonaro, he would form a government of experts, so with a technocratic profile, saw in the past few weeks, disappointed. Bolsonaro for the nomination, although hardly any of the parties affect. But his Cabinet is not populated with many people who embody the promised pragmatism, but a very ideological profile. Coarse Cabinet in Bolsonaros three groups: ultra-conservatives, often with Evangelical Background and a strong aversion against everything “Progressive”, a liberal group, the super-Minister for economy and Finance, Paulo Guedes, which promises to be a radical Opening up of the economy and a series of privatizations; and the military, who occupy several Ministerial posts and, in some questions of your own Agenda to pursue.

It is only a matter of time until it comes between these blocks to scramble. While Minister of the economy wants to win Guedes the confidence of investors, has started the new Minister of foreign Affairs, to bring the diplomatic apparatus of the ideological line. Bolsonaro wants to bring on course with Donald Trump, the relocation of the Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is as good as decided. However, the shift away from multilateralism, which has always been a pillar of the Brazilian diplomacy and foreign economy, could come to Brazil tax. Bolsonaro is not, finally, President of a super power.