That the President of the EU Commission doubts the ability of a member state, to accept the presidency of the Council, is more than just a slap in the face – it is a full force led upward hook. But the criticism of Jean-Claude Juncker, the Romanian government is fully justified. To put it even more clearly: The current government in Bucharest is neither suitable nor worthy of the EU for half a year – even if nothing else changed.

Reinhard Veser

editor in the policy.

F. A. Z.

This is not a judgment on Romania and its citizens, but only on the two parties, which will lead straight to the shops. They have been demonstrating for two years, that it is your ultimate goal, to corrupt politicians to protect in front of the prison. More efforts, than on anything else so use to the dismantling of the rule of law. The Reform of the judiciary, which had begun with the preparations for accession to the EU in 2007, was one of the real success stories of the country.

risks are raised to the power

A view to Romania, the assertion of the government lies, the criticism from Brussels, the witness belies the fact that the country, as the EU will be treated a member of the second class. There is massive Protest against the policy of this government: of civil society, judges and prosecutors, from the parliamentary Opposition and by President Klaus Johannis. In particular, its resistance is due to the post-Communist networks that dominated government is not able to go through the judiciary completely. Not much more is missing.

In the past two years, the makes have tried to commander-in-chief in Bucharest, to stay with your Goings-on below the threshold of perception of the EU. Unlike the governments of Poland and Hungary, they have avoided according to strong confrontations with Brussels.

This is no longer possible in view of the presidency – and in this sense, it is perhaps even a Chance for Romania. For the EU, however, this presidency is ill-timed. And not just because of the character of this government. Bucharest’s ability to act is in question, because the government and the President are in a kind of a state of war. The still not completely foreseeable risks posed by a disorderly Brexit for the EU, will be potentiated by.