Preserves: 3 techniques to open them easily without a can opener


Corn, peas or tuna… Tin cans take up an important place in our cupboards. They are very useful for storing and transporting certain foodstuffs, especially when you go camping in the great outdoors.

But if the can is so convenient, when it comes time to open it, without the right tool, everything becomes more difficult. It is then necessary to play with a little elbow grease to disembowel the beast…

Not one, not two, but three methods exist to unlock the situation in which everyone may have already found themselves, according to Sé

Be careful though, children should not try them. Indeed, the boxes are generally made of aluminum and have sharp sides, which can injure. In addition, pieces could fall inside the can, so be careful when opening.

– The first method is to use a metal spoon. Gripping the hollow of the tool, rub firmly back and forth along the edge of the can vigorously until a hole appears. Then put enough force to expand the perimeter, lifting the spoon and going around.

– The second way requires a pair of pliers. Make sure you have a good grip on the box. Use the tongs to make a circle around the top of the container. Tighten them. After making a quarter of the outline, pull the top hard to remove it.

– Finally, as a last resort, a stone can do the trick, especially when you are in nature. Rub the stone back and forth against the lid: the friction will eventually eat away at the metal. All you have to do is open it with a pocket knife.